Even skilled skippers need an extra hand battling sudden wind shifts, strong currents or congested marina-docking assignments. With a bow and stern thruster you avoid ping-pong docking and reduce the risk of damaging someone else's vessel, not to mention your own boat. Thrusters inspire docking confidence and provide a gentle push - that you control - away from or to the dock or seawall. Offers tremendous maneuverability, especially when you're shorthanded or cruising with an inexperienced guest.


lbf, 55

boat lengths, 18' - 28'


lbf, 99

boat lengths, 21' - 32'


lbf, 121 - 12V

lbf, 132 - 24V

boat lengths, 28' - 36'


lbf, 143 - 12V

lbf, 154 - 24V

boat lengths, 35' - 37'


lbf, 176 - 12V

lbf, 187 - 24V

boat lengths, 36' - 38'


lbf, 210 - 12V

lbf, 231 - 24V

boat lengths, 39' - 55'


lbf, 275 - 12V

lbf, 308 - 24V

boat lengths, 45' - 66'


lbf, 352 -24V

boat lengths, 54' - 72'


lbf, 485 -24V

boat lengths, 63' - 85'


lbf, 628 -48V

boat lengths, 72' - 92'

Hydraulic Bow and Stern Thrusters


lbf, 121


lbf, 210


lbf, 352


lbf, 507



lbf, 665


lbf, 905


lbf, 1215

Stern thrusters for complete control

Once available only on luxury yachts, the concept of a stern thruster in addition to a bow thruster is rapidly gaining acceptance. A stern thruster is helpful in close quarters - call it "parallel parking" - literally "walking" the boat sideways. Used in tandem with a bow thruster, maneuvering in and out from a seawall or fuel dock against current and wind takes the stress out of docking.

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Needs From Bow to Stern

Bow and Stern Thrusters (Ignition Protected)

It is not safe to install a conventional electric stern thruster in the engine room, or compartment containing fuel tanks of a gasoline powered boat, as gasoline fumes may be ignited by internal sparking in the thrusters motor. To allow stern thruster installations in gasoline powered boats to be made safely, VETUS has developed, sealed motor housing kits, meeting the requirements of the ISO 8846 Marine standard (“ignition protection”). Each set consists of (apart from the bow thrusters) a watertight housing (IP65) for the electric motor and its relays, seals, and electrical connectors and fastening components. A additional circuit breaker is supplied, accessible without opening the motor housing.


Control Panels for Bow and Stern Thrusters

Control panel features:

  • Built-in time lapse device when reversing the direction of rotation.
  • Automatic switch off after 30 minutes inactivity.
  • In the event of continuous running for more than 2 minutes there is an LED and buzzer alert, along with automatic shut off.
  • The panel will reset itself after 5 seconds.

Any control panel can be fitted at any helm position and they are easily interconnected

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